Design: Your contact partner from the very beginning

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Our team will give comprehensive support to your project: Starting with supported development, through efficient series production, right up to finishing your produced injection-moulded parts and their delivery on-time.

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Many customers have a very clear idea of the end product they need. But the manufacturable product and process development is often not yet clear.

Every new injection-moulded part must firstly be individually developed until it is ready for series production. From the design, through the tool construction, right up to the injection moulding: Our specialists know exactly which materials and processes are ideal and should be used. As the contact partners in the company, they continuously monitor events. We thoroughly sample the product in compliance with VDA 6.1 and PPAP Levels 1 to 5, and subject it to a feasibility assessment before the tender is prepared.

As you can see: Many steps are needed until the first finished parts come out of the machine. We support you in this from the beginning, and guarantee you a result fully in line with your specifications.

Moldflow simulation

We check the design or your injected moulded parts with the Moldflow filling simulation software. Design and manufacturing problems can be virtually predicted and rectified with this software even before the actual injection-moulding process begins. This allows us to shorten product cycles and avoid tool changes.

Moldflow simulations cover the entire injection-moulding process from the tempering design, through simulations of the filling and holding pressure phase, right up to the shrinkage and warping behaviour. These include:

  • Tool tempering design and optimisation
  • Identification of "hot spots"
  • Filling simulation
  • Selection of the connection
  • Reduction of the cycle time as well as warpage minimisation
  • Holding pressure phase
  • Shrinkage