Perfect: Injection moulding from one source

Buck GmbH is a family-owned, market-oriented enterprise. It is both manufacturer and supplier of plastic products. Our wide range of competencies includes all the injection-moulding services. As early as during the development phase where we support you, we will be happy to assist you in the design of your components. With our willingness to innovate and our specialist expertise, we produce customised moulds and injection-moulded parts according to your requirements. Individual consultation and short decision-making processes are always our top priority. Advantage to you: High quality at reasonable prices, less downtime through prompt availability.

An experienced Injection-moulding manufacturer for automotive suppliers

Turn signal lever, steering wheel trim, contact carrier or complex sensor system - injection-moulded parts made by Buck are used wherever precision, speed and high quality are demanded. Our customers are companies with worldwide operations, in the main suppliers to the automotive industry. Our many years of experience mean our team knows the constantly changing business processes and continuously increasing requirements. Your company wants to grow? We will grow with you, and make investments for you in the latest injection-moulding technologies. For example, we incorporated MuCell technology in 2013, and in 2016 we invested in a plastic parts foaming system for fitting a sealing lip. Buck also produces made-to-measure products from all conventional types of plastic.

Our injection-moulding spectrum

Injection moulding is an ideal method for processing plastics and efficiently manufacturing large quantities. Our specialists can integrate complex surface structures directly into the moulds. Buck has a very wide range of different plastics on hand to ensure the injection moulding meets the requirements perfectly.

Our experts are there to assist you from development support, through mould design and construction, right up to finishing with pad printing and delivery. With our specialist expertise in injection moulding, we mould your ideas into your design. Personal communication with the customer is essential for every project: At Buck, as early as in the planning stage we provide you with an exact impression of your idea as it will be implemented later on.

You want to learn more about our services?

Our team will be happy to give you comprehensive advice on the subject of injection moulding and more.

Our machines

All of our machines are equipped with MDA (machine data acquisition). The efficiency (cycle time, good parts, rejects as well as the machine settings) for the current series can therefore be checked at all times. Our PPC system (Production Planning and Control system) interacts continuously with the MDA units, enabling early identification when configurable tolerances are exceeded (upper – lower limits) so that appropriate intervention is possible. Additionally, internal pressure sensors in the injection-moulding tool ensure that fluctuations are detected and reject parts are disposed of.

Production order data can be accessed at all times at every workplace.

Simply good: Modern injection moulding made in Germany

We use 60 precision injection moulding machines with a closing force of from 15t to 400t for fully-automatic as well as semi-automatic production. Also, Buck manufactures various hybrid components (injected bushes or pins) in the 2-component and MuCell processes according to customer requirements. Our ISO-certified quality management ensures that every single injection-moulded part satisfies your high expectations.