Principles | What defines us

As a medium-sized family-owned enterprise we focus on steady growth, specialist qualification and transparent communication. These values are implemented at every hierarchy level and practiced by every employee.


Buck GmbH is a family-owned, market-oriented enterprise.

Our long-term profit orientation based on continuous growth safeguards and increases the economic strength of the company. Buck GmbH produces and sells brand-name products for the highest quality demands. Comprehensive service for customers is our top priority.
The primary market for Buck GmbH is the worldwide supplier market for the automotive industry. In addition to cultivation of its established markets, Buck is striving increasingly to expand into new high-growth segments.

As company operations are oriented to long-term success, short-term sales ideas are secondary to a systematic and strategically concerted approach.

Buck GmbH is an employee-oriented company.

In addition to safeguarding economic strength, job security is the most important corporate objective. We welcome long periods of service with our company. We therefore emphasise employee development, have an active social and health policy, promote modern design of the workplace and regulate working hours flexibly.
Training programmes in Buck GmbH are not restricted to operational needs; they also have the purpose of reinforcing our employees' level of information and well-being in their work as well as their private lives.
One of the Buck GmbH principles is that results of negotiations in wages and social policy are not undercut. Equality between genders and citizens of different nations is the basis for employment and wages. Severely handicapped persons are preferred when they have the same qualifications. The open door principle applies, i.e. every employee is able to voice their concerns directly to management.

Buck GmbH operates open exchange of information and promotes cross-departmental cooperation.

Realisation of a cooperative management style at all levels is a management principle. Thinking in the sense of the whole company is expected from Buck employees. In this respect, the area of responsibility is not restricted to one's own workplace, and this is to be expressed in all types of suggestions for improvement. Values that are universal from the company point of view are conveyed to all employees by a corresponding policy. High quality-awareness is supported by a management system. Environmental protection as an obligation for everyone is exemplified by an active environmental policy.