Environment | What is important to us

Preservation of our natural environment and the basis for the life of future generations, job security as well as continuous improvement of working conditions are of the utmost concern for us. Environmental awareness is in our blood.

Overview of the Buck GmbH guideline

  • We place high value on environmental protection in the supported development and introduction of new products and processes.
  • We underline the importance of commitment by the management and all employees to environmental awareness.
  • We undertake to comply with all environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • We strive to reduce use of packaging material and environmentally damaging materials.
  • We design all processes accordingly to take all measures for using energies sparingly (water, electricity and gases) as well as preventing and minimising emissions (waste water, exhaust gases and waste heat).
  • We orient our operations to guaranteeing a high environmental standard today and in the future.
  • We incorporate all our contractual partners in our endeavours for improved environmental protection measures.
  • We develop resource savings with our customers to continuously improve our environmental policy.
  • We provide the resources required to achieve the environmental objectives.
  • We inform the interested public about our environmental policy, environmental objectives, environmental programme and impacts on the environment arising in the company, when interest is shown.

Would you like to know more about our environmental policy?

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